Webinar: FMD Unchained

Webinar: FMD Unchained

On Tuesday, December 1st, we organised a webinar for our MAHs, FMD UNCHAINED: How we formed new skills and survived. You can find the video recording on the link:          

Stabilization period in Slovenia is ending on 1.12.2019

Stabilization period in Slovenia is ending on 1.12.2019

 The stabilization period in Slovenia is ending on 1.12.2019. ZAPAZ has issued an info letter to its stakeholders. You can find it on the link below:          

Partial stabilisation period prolongation in Slovenia

Partial stabilisation period prolongation in Slovenia

Slovenian Ministry of Health and the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of the Republic of Slovenia (JAZMP) approved the stabilisation period during the first months of the implementation of Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) with the aim to give...


The Institute is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of establishing and managing a national system for the assurance of authenticity and safety of medicinal products and is part of a system that operates in the entire territory of the European Union on the basis of Directive 2011/62/EU


  1. To establish an information system for the verification of medicines.
  2. To provide expert support to system users.
  3. To follow standards of quality in system maintenance.


The establishment of a national system will assure traceability across the entire medicinal product supply chain ranging from the manufacturer to the patient, thereby assuring protection against the entry of counterfeit medicines into the market and increasing consumer safety.


Establishment and maintenance of the information system for medicines verification.

Support and communication with local providers of IT systems (pharmacy systems, wholesalers).

Data exchange with other national systems through EU hub.


Medicines Verification Institute was founded by representatives of all stakeholders in the supply chain of medicines in Slovenia:

Forum of Internationa R&D Pharmaceutical companies, EIG

Association of Slovenian Medicinal Product Manufacturers

Slovenian Chamber of Pharmacies

Slovenian Chamber off Commerce – Section of medicinal product wholesalers

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+386 8 200 72 78

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